About Kemedress


Who is Kemedress?It is a history of making dresses from our family.It began from my grandmother who was already pass away.She was a 'Xiuniang' in a workshop at Suzhou,'Xiuniang' means the tailor who is in charge of embroidery.'K' is a letter from her name,Ke fang.My mother started to learn making dresses with my grand mother when she was just 13 years old,she have been making dresses for 42 years.My mother makes XiuHe Suit and cheongsam for Chinese birdes.She started to make Western Style wedding dresses 15 years ago for more and more Chinese brides choose white wedding dresses for their wedding..'E' is the letter from my mum's name,Hui E. I (Matthew)and my sister (Eva)open a online store to sell the wedding dresses to all the happy brides all over the world.We are 3 generations for making dresses! 

How we make the dresses for you.100% Handmade dresses for your special day.


Kemedress 2018 Wedding Dresses Collection                                                            

Kemedress 2018 Prom Dresses Collection