Champagne Tulle Emboidery Flower Prom Dress


Kissed by the rosy hues of dawn, this prom dress is a vision of delicate charm. The gown's bodice, adorned with a subtle floral pattern, creates a harmonious symphony with the gentle off-the-shoulder ruffle detail, whispering tales of young love and tender moments. Below, the skirt unfolds in soft layers, each embroidered with flowers in full bloom, swaying with poetic rhythm with every step. The waist is accentuated by a band of sparkling adornments, adding just the right amount of glamour to the dress's understated elegance. Crafted for the prom-goer who dreams of a night filled with delicate beauty, this gown is a testament to the magic of youth and the beauty of nature.
Hemline:floor length
Shown Color:champagne
Sleeve Style:long sleeve
Back Style:lace up
Built-in Bra: yes