Silver Bridesmaid Dresses

Silver fabric comes in many types at the kemedress store, though most people usually associate it with metallic fabric like lamé. However, you can definitely use it to get a really chic, elegant look without having to resort to a super shiny, metallic material to avoid spoiling the burnished effect. Silver fabric comes with anything from a true silver to a warmer, almost pewter shade, so there is a color to suit any shape, style, or skin tone.

True silvers tend to be cool-toned, and, as such, look best on cool complexions that favor blues, greens, and other cool colors. Some others are somewhat warmer, tending almost to a cooler version of bronze or pewter, and can still be suitable if your wedding party is chiefly medium- to dark-skinned, but you still want your girls in silver on your wedding day. For pulling off the color on a bridesmaid's dress, a shiny fabric should be chosen (think silks or satins, instead of raw silk or jersey), since silver-toned fabrics with matte finishes tend to come off closer to grey or slate blue.