Sheath/Column Wedding Dresses

The column is appropriate for all types of weddings, whether you are getting married in a formal setting or a more casual affair. Due to the simplicity of dress, you can change the overall appearance just be changing the neckline or sleeve length. Some different looks can be achieved without changing the basic silhouette the column dress. Our strapless column dresses always look sexy and elegant, while one with a high neck and sleeve will have an air of innocence and purity.

We have many different skirt lengths work well with the column silhouette. The classic length barely reaches the floor, while a knee-length skirt is lovely for a casual wedding. The fabric will dramatically change the look of the column dress. Light silks and satin will flow over your curves in a graceful slip dress, whereas a stiffer fabric, such as shantung will give a more defined contour. The Column wedding dress is narrow and flows straight down from the neck to the hem. Sometimes called a sheath, this style of wedding dress is fitted and will show all of your curves.